What is the trivago Rating Index® (tRI)?

The tRI is a comprehensive and reliable index of hotel ratings. The tRI takes available rating sources from across the web and uses an algorithm to aggregate them, providing a dependable and impartial score.

Aggregated Reviews



  • It’s clear. Rating sources are broken down, offering users clarity and understanding.
  • It’s transparent.  Links to original hotel or booking sites make it possible to get ratings directly from the source.
  • It’s current. Daily updates ensure the most up-to-date index you can find.
  • It’s fair. Whether a hotel has 20 or 2,000 reviews, our algorithmic approach offers impartial comparison for all.


About tRI

  • The tRI is not merely an average of numerical reviews. It is an index based on a tried-and-true mathematical approach.
  • A source with a large volume of reviews cannot outweigh other sources with fewer reviews.
  • The algorithm takes into account situations in which a hotel has only one rating source, in comparison to another hotel with a broad range of rating sources, and adjusts the calculation accordingly.
  • The tRI  is set up to encourage fairness for less-established rating sources. For example, the first review posted on a new source has higher value than a new review posted on a source with many pre-existing reviews.
  • A hotel must have at least 5 reviews in total in order to be included in the tRI.
  • All websites’ rating scales are converted to trivago’s 10-point index score.
  • The tRI was created to compare all types of accommodation on one level.
  • The tRI is updated daily for each hotel, ensuring the latest, most accurate evaluations.
  • Some aggregated sources are shown individually (Expedia, Holidaycheck, Zoover, etc.) and others are anonymously included in the group “other sources”, depending on the individual website’s preference

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